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Review for Jucy Rentals
Don’t hire Jucy

Growing up in New Zealand I always thought Jucy Campervans would be amazing, the bright green vans are everywhere and everyone seems to enjoy them. For us, camping with a Jucy Compass Campervan was not this case. When we arrived to pick up our van we weren’t greeted, 3 employees continued to chat amongst themselves about their personal life and one stood up and announced he was going for a “durrie” (cigarette). One of the employees finally decided to look up our reservation. After a good 20 minutes we sat there waiting for her to work out how to do her job. The lady mentioned that because we had booked “Stress Free Insurance” we would get the camping chairs for free! Lovely we thought, until she had seen we already pre-paid so the free add on chairs were out of the question now… it took her a further 20 minutes to work out if we had paid in full for the whole campervan or if we had a remaining balance, in which she had to ask another 2 employees to help her. We were then asked to wait outside for another 20 minutes until the lady drove our campervan around from the back and began to give us a very uneducated, uninformative description about how the campervan worked and it’s features – none of which she had any idea about what she was talking about. If English was my second language I would struggle to understand this process with Jucy and the way their employees act. After a near 1.5 hour delay we were finally on the road to begin our road trip. A 7 hour drive later we arrived and figured our how the features of the van worked by ourselves. We discovered 1 camping chair broken, the van speakers were blown and the secondary battery didn’t work so we had no refrigeration. On return of the vehicle no form of a sorry or discount was even offered to amend this annoying and last time experience with Jucy. On top of that, the social media manager of Jucy “Lucy” replies to questions online but is rude and unhelpful.