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Review for Wendekreisen Rentals
Great service, awesome staff

We recently returned home from a short trip to New Zealand’s North Island and I want to make sure the folks at Wendekreisen are recognized for their kindness and whole heartedly recommend them to anyone seeking their service. We booked a camper van ahead of time not knowing that by the time we arrived we would be too sick to camp! The morning we were to pick up the camper we walked to the office in Mangere to let them know we would not be picking up our camper that day but hopefully the next. Arti was so kind and suggested a nearby pharmacy to try for some over the counter meds and assured us the camper would be ready when we were. We spent the day taking medicine, drinking fluids and trying to rest. The next day we were not much better. After arriving back at Wendekreisen that next morning we had determined that we should not be camping while sick and asked to change from a camper to a car. Sila was helping us this morning and she dialed the number for her supervisor and let us plead our dilemma. After a short wait the main office called back to ok our switch. Sila informed us that the car had to be cleaned and that we should go to the doctor. Michele drove us to the doctor and dropped us off. After picking up our prescriptions for the FLU, we called Sila back and she had Steve come pick us up. Who does this? Wendekreisen does!!! Shortly we were on our way and ended up getting better every day but our trip could have been ruined had it not been for the staff at this company. Thank you so much Sila,Arti,Michele and Steve we will never forget you guys or your kindness. Thanks Shana Hall and Larry Pitts