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Review for Jucy Rentals
Worst customer experience ever!

We have rented a Jucy van in Nov. 2019 and had some problems while on the road. The customer support of Jucy Rentals was not helping us at all – they told us that we should find a solution and left us on our own. We were stuck for 5 days with our van and lost 1/3 of the time of our road trip due to their lack of interest and unwillingness to support us. They then charged us an estimated amount to solve the problem without being able to give any prove how this costs come to be. Apart from our experience on the road, the staff at pick-up and drop-off were lacking motivation and interest in customers. We had to wait pretty long to be dealt with and there was a queue of people on both occasions. We rented a Compass with a pod and got a vehicle with a tent on the roof. We were shown a short video how to use the tent. We were also sent-off without sufficient explanaition of the vehicle. I have already rented at another company in 2017, so I know how much time and effort others put into explaining the car and NZ-roads. Due to our problems on the road we were “lucky” to experience two of their cars. The compass, which I already mentioned, is rather unpractible and looks as if it offers a lot of space but doesn’t. I would not recommend renting this car for 4 people! After the compass was towed, we got a Cabana. This car was honestly really great and offered a lot of space. It was, however, already damaged at the rear when we got it so we had to find a solution for this as well. Please don’t get confused: There are a lot of Jucy vans on the road, their social media marketing is great and they seem to be one of the largest rental companies in NZ. This does not proove that they are good. They are, in fact, the worst.