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Review for Euro Campers
Euro Campers

We selected EuroCampers because it was the best vehicle/price for our family and the trip we had planned. The booking and pick up the vehicle, was efficient and smooth.

The vehicle itself was not very clean (broom swept) and well worn (having over 200k km) but this was acceptable.

The issues began when we went to use the stove. Unfortunately the 4 elements/oven would turn on but would not stay on due to a problem with the due to the holidays we could not get the stove repaired or replace. We purchased a camping stove and were told that a complaint would be lodged on our behalf and compensation would be discussed. When we returned the vehicle, the manager was reluctant to speak to us and would not discuss compensation saying she needed to review the facts. We presented the facts but she said this was not a clear case and she needed time to review as she had been on holidays and didn’t look into the issue. I was told I would have a response by January 7 but none received.

We selected this vehicle because with young children we wanted to cook all of our meals and freedom camp thus being fully self contained was essential. A camping stove required outside cooking (in wind, cold and rain) and we had to disconnect the gas canister from the vehicle and connect to the camping stove every time we wanted to cook! The result was we often ate out and making a simple tea or coffee was a hassle and time consuming. We did not experience good customer service and did not even get an apology! They clearly did not test the essential items before giving it to us as the stove was clearly broken. Given the amount we paid for this vehicle, it should have been in perfect working order and if not, we should be fairly compensated for their mistake and our inconvenience to us