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Do not hire!

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March 14, 2019

We hired a caravan from MCRent Christchurch and traveled with it for two weeks. On our way a rock from the road broke our windshield and we made a small hole in the table by accident. We were more then wiling to pay the damage but when we got to their office they decided to charge us for the illogical price of 920 NZ dollars for the windshield (and they probably have insurance to pay for that kind of damage and) and 1265 NZ dollars for the tiniest hole in the table which obviously they can repair just by replacing the upper wood layer for no more then 200 dollars. After we told them it’s too much the women in the office gave us the phone of the manager. We tried to call him repeatedly and email him but he did not answer and all we got is emails from one of his workers who avantually just stoped responding. Their customer service is almost non existing, we had a problem with the water pump in the middle of the trip which wasn’t our fault and we had to wait 2 days in Wanaka and delay our trip until we got someone to fix it and we had to speak with the plumber ourselves And drive to his house because they were handling it like we had 3 month in New Zealand.
They took edvantage of the fact that we had to fly home and had no time to handle it. Overall very poor choice of caravan company! Be careful


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October 25, 2018

Hi, I had a very very bad experience with McRent in Switzerland, Zurich branch and I am still trying to get my 1,500 CHF back. This is a combination of McRent and Motorhome republic. Motorhome republic are the ones front facing the transaction and selling the insurance in this case and Mcrent are the ones owning the campervan. We have rented the campervan at the end of August 2018 and when we brought it back we were forced to pay 1,500 CHF despite the fact that we were fully insured.
After 2.5 months we are still told that Mcrent is renting the particular camper van out, due to holiday period and that the minor scratches that happened are not yet being checked to identify the total repair cost. Mcrent obviously do not care and nor does Motorhome republic. We are trying to get back our 1,500 CHF and after tens of emails and phone calls, nothing happens. Do not use Motor home republic, do not use Mcrent.