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A line of campervans parked on the slope of Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park

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We rented their camper van for 3 weeks.

We rented their camper van for 3 weeks. They use older models. This one ran GREAT the whole time and never burned any oil. We wanted self-contained, but also wanted a shower, solar panel and sleeping in the rear. They are family-owned and we preferred this to the more corporate side of the camper van world. It was mostly a great experience. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and seeing the country in a camper van is the way to do it. Downsides: During orientation it was explained that the rear door needed an extra pull and finesse to open. What we found out was that it was even worse trying to open it from the inside. We bought lube for this but the lube didn’t help at all. Seems they need a new mechanism. We ended up having to go in and out the front doors more than we wanted to. While in sand fly land, we noticed they were coming in through the overhead vent, the screen was torn. The bed linens were old and no longer fresh even after laundering and the pillows were old, misshapen and uncomfortable. We liked that they were accommodating with shuttling us to their place and to the airport on both sides of the trip. Overall, a good experience.