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A line of campervans parked on the slope of Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park

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Our Iconic Motorhome

We had a wonderful time in our Iconic Motorhome. The staff and vehicle were marvellous

More Ironic than Iconic

We recently hired a campervan from Iconic for 2 weeks. From the first night we encountered problems, with the battery losing power ridiculously quickly with nothing more than a single light bulb on. Pretty soon other issues started to appear including the fridge door not staying shut while driving, cupboard doors also flying open (due to faulty locks) and the kitchen waste water discharging throughout the cupboards and onto the floor due to broken plumbing. Each of these issues was brought to Iconic’s attention, along with our planned route, yet they were always unable (unwilling) to arrange to meet us to fit a new battery or to make repairs. The final straw though occurred on a busy state highway with a tyre blowing out. It was a frightening experience for our family as it happened at high speed with no verge to pull onto. We called Iconic, as instructed, and they were quite indifferent and told us to call the AA, which we did. When the AA (and a local policeman) arrived, they agreed that the tyre was bald and the vehicle should not have been on the road. Possibly the most disappointing aspect of all this occurred after we returned the vehicle; After being implored to do so by the local rep, we wrote an email to Iconic management outlining the concerns with the vehicle. Their response has been to deny the problems existed and refuse to apologise for the inconvenience. We would caution anyone to think very carefully before renting with Iconic as our experience was of a tired vehicle showing signs of too many years on the road (by the time we returned it we had been forced to use duct tape to hold it together) and customer care indifferent to the client. A far cry from the “Award winning motor homes and award winning team” spruiked on their website.