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Wendekreisen Freedom Camper

5.0 rating
June 13, 2019

We chose Wendekreisen for our 4 week holiday. When we booked they had just started to advertise the Kora Star Freedom which we took. The camper didnt need power at all and we managed to stay on DOC sites for the entire time. Great vehicle and a friendly team. Highly recommended

Paul Harding

Budget 2+1 Wendekreisen

4.0 rating
December 25, 2018

Top vehicle for a budget. The interior was spotless and worked very well. Better than expected !


Wendekreisen Motorhome - dobry wybor

5.0 rating
September 1, 2018

Bardzo fajny Motorhome. Moze lekko wyeksploatowanych, ale niezawodnie sluzyl w podrozy po NZ. Polecam.


Wendekreisen Motorhome Experience

5.0 rating
August 11, 2018

We had a budget 4 motorhome from Wendekreisen. Can only recommend them, the vehicle drove well and the interior was in very good con. Loved it and the price was also sharp. Highly recommend this company.